They Stand.

Life. It is stressful.. ammaright?

I spend my days rushing through one task and then on to the next without a thought of what actually matters in life. I get so caught up in my day to day activities that I forget to think about the core of life and what it means.

Don’t get me wrong. I DO think about these things – just not near as often as I should. But there are those times that I get stopped in my tracks. I flip to a TV station or – let’s be honest about how we all get our news – social media. I scroll past the article about the “Top 10 most time saving beauty hacks” because who has TIME for that? But then I see it and it hits me.. “Police Officer Slain In Shooting” or “Riots In The Street Over Officer Shooting”. Those, those stop me. They get me. Right where it hurts.

Police brutality.. it’s old news. Most people are on to Donald Trump or The Oscars by now. But me.. I can’t shake it.

It’s no secret I am in love with a LEO. I am. Truly, madly and deeply. And it’s a rough life.. but that’s not what I am here to talk about today. Let’s put something into perspective.

I took a park stroll today right before a storm. It was supposed to be a big one. It was so calm and quiet out. Everyone was at home “taking shelter”. My dumb butt was walking in a park.. alone.

At first, there wasn’t even wind. Just me and the birds and an eery silence. But above all, a peace.

I was drawn to this rusted, tarnished bridge in a nearby park. The architecture itself is beautiful. The curves, the angles and the overall shape of the bridge. Upon further inspection, you I saw that this bridge has been weathered, tattered and torn. The creek that it holds itself over is shallow. Too shallow for big fish or any substantial animal life – but life none of the less.  But the bridge however,  the bridge sustains life. Year after year, it holds. It’s immoveable. It stands. 

When I pondered the meaning of a bridge, of this bridge – I immediately thought of something that I am very passionate about.

You know. You what has been going on in the news lately. Our country is rising and dividing against itself. About a year ago, the hot topic was that of police brutality. When I found this weathered and torn bridge and pondered it’s deeper meaning, I thought of how law enforcement officers across the country are just like this bridge.

They stand in the face of adversity. They hold together like a wall of steel. They let people walk all over them, spit on them, under-appreciate them and disrespect them… but still they stand. A lot of officers have left their profession. What was once a unpaid, thankless job is now more dangerous, treacherous and almost unbearable. The only officers left are like this bridge. They are in it for the long haul. They stand together like this steel, rusted bridge over a stream of ungrateful, disrespectful a-holes. They do this so that people like you and me can cross (hopefully) unharmed by the dangers below. This causes them to rust. Pain, anguish and heartache. It causes nightmares. Night terrors. Night sweats. It breaks up their families, their relationships, their lives.

But alas, they stand. They don’t cave. They don’t collapse. They stand.

They get up for work, every day. They go in to protect the people that hate them. They suit up for what may be their last time seeing their family. They give their babies kisses and their wives/girlfriends the “it’s okay.. I will be fine” … even though they know that it may not be true. It could not be fine.

But.. they stand. They keep their six. They sweat, they cry & they fight. For you.. for me.. and for the creek below that only wishes they would fall.

They stand.

This my friend.. this is what really matters.

Be kind to someone today. Love them. Appreciate them. Help hold them up because you never know when someone is going to fall.




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