Freebie of the Month: Lightroom Presets

I started out using iPhoto, it suited my needs when I was just having fun taking photos of my friends in college. When I started to get a little more serious about photography and bought my first DSLR, I realized that iPhoto just wasn’t cutting it, so I asked my husband to get me Aperture for my birthday. Aperture suited me well for a while and I still do have it on my computer and use it occasionally, but I realized that I just liked the workflow of Lightroom better.

I’m a huge fan of using presets in Lightroom. I like being able to have visual consistency in my photos if I’m editing a bunch from a trip or outing. Sometimes one preset doesn’t always do the job correctly, so I’ll adjust the preset slightly using the sliders in Lightroom to keep the images looking similar enough to one another. They can be a great starting point, if you’re unsure of where to take your editing.

I created 3 Lightroom presets for my photos, that I think work really well for daylight photography and I’ve decided to share them here with you today!

The first preset is called Bright Warmth. I felt like it was perfect for a nice sunny day (which most days seem to be when you’re in Disney) and you want to add a little warmth to the photo.

Next is Bright Warmth Partial Shade. This was meant to help brighten up a foreground subject that might be a little too dark because they’re standing slightly in the shade.

The last is Bright Warmth Full Shade. Use this one if your subject is really dark, because they’re in a completely shaded area or let’s be honest, you forgot to turn on your flash or your settings were wrong (I’m pretty sure this happens to the best of us once in a while;)).

As a bonus, I also threw in an extra iPhone preset, because I like editing my iPhone photos in Lightroom (I’ve even printed some and can’t tell the difference most of the time).

You can download the presets here. We’d love to see some before and afters using them, so don’t forget to share them with us by either linking them in the comments or sharing them in our Flickr group pool! I hope they’re helpful!

To install the presets:

Just double click on the preset and open it in Lightroom! It should save it under “User Presets”. You can change the location and make a new folder (Develop –> New Preset Folder) once it’s installed. Easy peasy.

Edited to add:

If this doesn’t work for adding the presets, you can manually add them to your preset library by going to:

Library –> Applications Support –> Adobe –> Lightroom –> Develop Presets

Then just drop them in this folder and they should show up under User Presets!

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January 18, 2013 - 4:30 am

Kristi Creed - Those presets look awesome on those before & afters, Kristin!

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